Jo Corfield

Founder of Hopethruhorses

Hello there, I’m Jo Corfield. I’m introducing myself as the founder of hopethruhorses. I hope you enjoy the information I am sharing with you on this website.

I discovered the beginnings of what was later to be my Equine Informed Therapeutic approach almost 20 years ago, completely by accident. and at the same time stumbled across a remarkable route to my own recovery. Full of intense fear and some extremely misguided interactions with a very special horse, I was taught, guided, healed and enlightened in a way no therapist had ever succeeded in doing.

Bronwen my beloved horse began a lifelong quest for knowledge and understanding, I wanted to know everything there was to know about the healing relationship that exists between horse and human. Almost two decades of training, research and study later that knowledge has grown immeasurably. With the help of Bronwen’s ever loving perseverance and many more horses and ponies as my teachers, that learning still continues on a daily basis.

In addition to the teachings of the horses I have had some exceptional training from very talented tutors. My desire to know more has brought me into contact with some of the world’s leading experts, experts not only in the equine human dynamic but also in Trauma and mental health.

Their thinking on sensorimotor psychotherapy, somatic experiencing and the effects of trauma on the human nervous system has highlighted and enhanced my understanding of the healing power of horses. Their extra-ordinary experience, coupled with my own skills and practice have given me the capacity to observe and actually ‘see’ as well as listen and ‘hear’ the people who come to us for help. My deeper insights and perceptions have come from my privileged time with remarkable specialists and teachers.


My powerfully effective, Rebuilding and Recovery based approach has given hope to a vast range of people, young and old and from all walks of life.


When working with the horses I have blended their natural ability to heal, regulate and balance the nervous system with a carefully tailored mix of equine involvement therapies, mindful counselling, energy and somatic (body and mind) approaches. 


Qualifications and training details


Extensive experience in therapeutic and caring environments, both as a therapist and in support roles.  Pioneer of Equine Involvement Therapy, a highly effective therapy working with horses to help clients address and overcome a range of mental and emotional health issues.  Qualified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and coach with training in trauma therapies, counselling as well as sensorimotor psychotherapy. Nature guided therapy, Stress management practitioner, Natural Horsemanship, Equine psychology, and Mindfulness.