Aims and Objectives 

The purposes of our organization are for the public benefit of both people (of all ages) and animals with needs relating to their mental/emotional health. To bring relief from and promote preventative measures for psychological suffering, fear and pain in people, horses and other animals regardless of financial circumstances.

In particular but not exclusively by the provision of a) *The Natural Herd Model Equine Informed Therapeutic approaches b) through raising awareness and education of the human right to optimum mental health and the rights of animals to have consideration given to their psychological as well as physical needs c) provision of a safe environment and education to the public on improving and maintaining a healthy mental state d) providing a lifelong home and healing in a natural environment for in particular but not exclusively abused and traumatized horses e)bring relief to the psychological suffering of the public whilst also giving purpose and an emotional sanctuary to horses and other animals e) provide a service that is affordable, available and accessible to all regardless  of their financial circumstances.

Founder of HopeThruHorses

Joanna Corfield


Trustee: Jon Harrison-James (Executive Director and administrator)

Trustee: Hannen Beith

Trustee: Jennifer Davis