Anxiety/Panic attacks


Extreme anxiety can make you feel completely powerless. Your mind is like a minefield, with your thoughts and your life controlled by fear.  Excessive worry makes the simplest tasks and decisions seem impossible leaving you feeling exhausted and imprisoned by high levels of emotion. You cannot relax and yet you long to be at peace.


Quietening your overactive thoughts and releasing the fear that lies behind them might seem hopeless and unattainable; but as you come through the gate into the calm, gentle and untroubled company of the horses in the tranquil West Wales countryside, you will begin to see possibilities. Here there is hope and your mind will quieten, releasing the fear and worry that has been holding you prisoner.

Free from any judgment, demands or preconceptions and with guidance and support and the horses there to help you, you will feel safe to unleash the fear which has become so intolerable.  Anxiety, over thinking, apprehension about the future and the strain of living with those feelings will be replaced with a sense of peace, and security, inner calm, courage and inspiration. The future will look more positive and the present can be perceived with open optimism. 


Being trapped and limited by the terror of your own thoughts leaves you feeling devoid of options and without a life. With the gentle support and the love that surrounds the horses we help you to free your mind of fear and move forward to a full and happy life of possibilities and opportunities.