Autism & Learning Disabilities 

Hopethruhorses therapeutic facilitator Jo Corfield has trained with The Horse Boy method and works with individuals and groups.


The time spent with the horses is sensory and experiential. 


We offer a loving environment which encourages the children to feel safe, happy and free of restrictions. They are given limitless choices and allowed to progress at their own pace without pressure or demands.


The horses have endless patience and gentleness and give their time with love and what appears to be a unique level of understanding: they prove themselves to be the most extraordinary teachers.


Many of the children communicate as silently as the horses or use their own unique method of getting their message across.  The interaction and communication between horse and child is very intense and frequently leads to unexpected verbal exchange. Self expression is encouraged whilst grooming, cuddling and leading the horses.  They are given the opportunity to enjoy giving and receiving affection and to absorb the power and beauty of the horse.


The bond between horse and participant facilitates a relaxed, emotional shift that promotes: empathy, self-awareness, confidence, communication and learning. The young people form a silent and powerful bond with these accepting, gentle, non-judgmental creatures. This is particularly significant for autistic children as they can find communicating and relating to others particularly difficult to achieve.