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HopeThruHorses Relief Charitable Organisation No. 12219166

All we want is to help people and animals live their lives feeling good…free of their fear and pain… everyone deserves that whoever they are

For fifteen years Hopethruhorses ran as a private organisation...

which needed to charge our clients in order to keep our wonderful herd healthy and well fed.  As time went by more and more people wanted to access our help but were unable to afford it unless we offered it to them for nothing….without a steady income we could not have maintained our herd or kept going, much as we would have loved to have given all these lovely people our time and expertise free of charge.

Now we have found the solution. As a non-profit we are eligible for funding and donations…with this extra source of income we can happily provide more help to more people. We still need the generosity of our paying clients as to run our projects takes time, effort and resources…we too need an income as without us here alongside the herd there no Hopethruhorses

We raise money to ensure that The Natural Herd Model is accessible to everyone. We offer group sessions free of charge to all those who are most in need and collaborate with a wide range of other charities, organisations and community groups.  The organizations we link with specialize in working with people from difficult, vulnerable or disadvantaged situations or backgrounds.

Any funds we raise through donations, private referrals, or from any other source are invested straight back into Hopethruhorses to help…

  • Distressed and abused horses and ponies who come here to heal…other animals are part of our plan too


  • Vulnerable and troubled children and young people find lasting solace and a sense of safety within the herd


  • Unhappy, stressed and desperate people from all walks of life find a deep emotional and lasting peace 


  • Hopethruhorses promotes awareness of the mental and emotional needs of both animals and people…    preventing psychological damage to animals through mental and emotional neglect and cruelty


And much more….


The Horses and Animal welfare

Many of our horses are rescued and come from backgrounds which have left them in poor shape, mentally, emotionally and physically. We want to give them everything they need to help them recover and find a peaceful and healthy place within the herd….to do that it takes money, the more money we have the more we can give these beautiful, graceful, loving beings. Simple as that.

Longer term plan is to create The HopeThru House Equine Informed Therapeutic Retreat

Offering respite and a welcome retreat for those alone in the community struggling with their mental health