Polisi iaith Gymraeg

Welsh Language Policy


We acknowledge the fact that under the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 the Welsh language has official status, and should be treated no less favourably than the English language.

We believe that it is good business practise to provide services in the language of choice of our customers, if our clients wish to contact or communicate with us in the Welsh language we will always endeavour to provide a translator. 

We will ensure that we make constant progress towards achieving this ambition, and this Welsh Language Policy sets out our current commitments in relation to using Welsh and also, where appropriate, sets targets to help us develop our use of Welsh.

The scope of our commitments in this policy should be interpreted reasonably – they are limited to activities and services in Wales or which are delivered to people living in Wales, and also limited to activities and services which we are able to control or influence.

Please direct any comments or complaints about this policy to:

Joanna Corfield ( Executive Director ) or Jon Harrison-James (Director)


Suite 7, Amman Business Centre, 2 Margaret street, Ammanford, Carmarthenshire



We have no permanent signs

We will ensure that all new permanent signs are fully bilingual.

Corporate Brand

Our corporate brand is in English only.

Our stationery and business cards are in English only. We will ensure that stationery and business cards are translated on request. 

Website and Digital Services

Our website is in English only

A Welsh information page will be set up by 1/7/2020

Advertising and Marketing

We rarely advertise in the Welsh press and generally, our advertising is in English only. 

We will ensure that we produce a Welsh version of our leaflets and provide organisations with a copy of English and Welsh by 1/7/2020



Tracking Language Choice

We communicate with our business contacts in English only - however we will provide a translator if required.

Face to Face Communication

In order to ensure that our customers can communicate with us in Welsh as often as possible, we will ensure that we have a Welsh translator on request where there is contact with the public who would prefer to speak in the Welsh Language. 

Telephone Communication

We answer the telephone in English only. Every member of staff is able to recognise and handle a Welsh language call with courtesy. We will develop our bilingual telephone services to ensure that all staff are able to handle, or refer, Welsh medium calls in a professional, appropriate and courteous manner.

Correspondence (Paper and Electronic)

At the moment, we generally write to people in English. We acknowledge our customers’ freedom to correspond with us in Welsh and we will respond in their preferred language wherever it is practically possible . We will give positive consideration to bilingualism when sending and receiving correspondence, based on the nature and purpose of the correspondence.

Forms and Account documents

Our forms and account documents are in English only, as this is how they come to us. Any forms which require those in the local area to fill them in will be provided in both English and Welsh.


We will ensure that this policy is supported at the highest level in our organisation. All members of Senior management will be responsible for implementing, championing and reviewing this policy.


This policy will be conveniently available for the public to read. Every member of staff will receive a copy of this policy and direction on its requirements.


We will assess and revise this policy every year. 

Services delivered on our behalf - We encourage every contractor or third party that delivers services on our behalf to comply with this policy.


The Welsh Language Commissioner’s template was used to compile this Welsh Language Policy. However, the Welsh Language Commissioner is not responsible for monitoring the standard of our Welsh medium provision. Any enquiries regarding the implementation of this policy should be directed to us at the address given on the front page


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