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Depression can leave you feeling detached from the world around you, like living in a dark void. You feel so trapped by negative thoughts and emotions that the fear of never finding a way out is overwhelming.


The quiet company of horses and the beauty of the West Wales countryside provide the perfect environment in which to break out of the darkness and make your way back to a life that is worth living.


Free from judgment and preconceptions you can begin to see a ray of hope and with our guidance and the help of the horses, you can find the incentive, strength and courage to release the fear filled feelings of emptiness and despair that hold you prisoner. Negativity and hopelessness and the stress that accompanies those feelings will be replaced by feelings of inspiration, love and self worth, positivity, confidence and inner strength. 


To pull yourself out of the bleakness of depression is extremely hard on your own, and it can feel like there is nowhere to go for help. With the gentle support and the love that surrounds the horses we help you release the fear that blackens your perception and bring you back to life.