Eating Disorders

Releasing the fear that lies beneath the symptoms of an eating disorder...

Hopethruhorses came into being through my own recovery...25 years I fought the battle and lost until a horse and then 18 more horses showed me the healing factor that had been missing all along. Helping others in the company of the very same horses is what I love.  


My own understanding of the fears and complexities coupled with 15 years experience working with eating disorders has led to remarkable and invaluable insights and a deep understanding of what lies beneath the symptoms of an eating disorder.


Fear is the undercurrent of all eating disorders...fear to the point of overwhelm, whether consciously or unconsciously. An absence of eating can be a way of having some measure of control over that fear and overeating an attempt to regulate and soothe...both presentations are symptomatic of a sense of terrified worthlessness that deserves punishment over reward.


The horses and I work only on the fear that lies beneath the symptoms. Food is so intrinsically tangled up with emotions that when our emotions become too much and overwhelming, it is often food we turn to, to try and regulate, absolve, soothe, deny or punish. Food, security, comfort, love, nurture and nourishment are the very first experiences we have on entering this world after birth....whatever that first experience is like for us, impacts all future experiences, particularly our sense of safety, security and self worth


We are here to help and support you all… all family members and carers too...