Funded Help for Carers and Families


Everyone deserves to feel valued and everyone deserves to have their generous, loving, giving hearts replenished and refilled with something loving and good for themselves. Time out isn’t always enough…however lovely that time is, it doesn’t seem to quite refill the loss of emotional energy sustained through unconditional giving. 


Carers and the families of those who need more attention, time and care…both physical and emotional often have unmet needs of their own…their needs can get forgotten or overlooked. 

The Herd Model works on the principal that the needs of self are as valuable as the needs of others. Horses live by this principal within the herd as it allows them to flourish and thrive…they replenish when depleted individually and as a group. They take time to nurture, nourish, comfort, soothe and calm themselves as much as they do each other.


When we are caring for the needs of those we love, it drains our resources. The natural herd is skilful at working as a group, maintaining optimum health, emotionally, energetically and physically. They work naturally, constantly rebalancing, so when we enter the herd, they take it upon themselves to include us in this natural way of being. With their gentle acceptance and huge open hearts they soothe and calm, re-establishing a sense of self-worth, value and inner warmth. They expand their nurturing, loving natures to include us, replenishing all that has been lost and given away in dedication to the service of others. 

This project is funded, which allows Hopethruhorses to offer these therapeutic and replenishing sessions free of charge, to the Carers and Families of those with physical, psychological and emotionally demanding needs.

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