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Jo Corfield the Founder of Hopethruhorses and Colleen DeRango founder of Fields of Gold inc discovered their mutual love and passion for both people and horses while working together at a Trauma clinic in Oxfordshire. At the time Jo was the Clinic’s Equine Informed therapist and Colleen, a world leading Somatic Experiencing Therapist and Trauma Specialist from Arizona US, was the Clinical Director. Colleen founded and runs a Somatic Experiencing Equine Therapy Facility out in Arizona with her herd of rescue horses very similar to our very own Hopethruhorses Globally. ~ Jo Corfield

Hopethruhorses and Colleen DeRango’s Somatic Equine Facility in the States are linked by our unique Natural Herd approach to Somatic Equine Therapy.

Somatic Equine, Fields of Gold inc... 

Colleen DeRango, MA, SEP, is a trauma-healing specialist; co-creator of Somatic Equine; a trauma-healing methodology which integrates Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing with Natural Horsemanship involving horses to help individuals heal unresolved emotions from their traumatic past. She is also the Executive Director of Fields of Gold, Inc. a new non-profit healing sanctuary for horses and people in Arizona, USA.


''One goes beyond any traditional equine therapy activity; experiencing that which can not be taught or explained. Immersed within an intact herd of free horses, one is not only surrounded by cohesiveness; one becomes a part-of the cohesiveness itself; allowing any nervous system to return to its natural state of regulation. Our horses’ speak so loudly in their silence that one hears clearly their meaningful messages.”  ~ Colleen DeRango.