Each horse has a unique but equally valuable role within the herd.
Their individual strengths and qualities work with us and each other for the greater good and healing of all.


1986 - 2019


Comet will always be remembered as an exceptional leader. The herd loved and respected Comet’s calm kindness, power and infinite ability to evoke confidence and a sense of safety and security.


Age: 20

A leader in the making, his lack of confidence and experience is far outweighed by his popularity within the herd.


Age: 28

Expects a high standard of respect and will only be respectful when he feels you have earned that privilege.


Age: 23

A natural, loving, nurturing Mother, to both her boys and people.


Age: 14

Kind and easily lovable, loves people, likes to please but also loves to be testing.


Age: 7

A deep and philosophical character, wise and naturally considerate.


Age: 16

Thoughtful and reflective, he loves adventure and often leads his brother and sister into trouble.


Age: 15

Very feminine and gentle, but strong minded when she feels she has been misunderstood or unheard.


Age: 14

Playful, quite immature and needs approval and appreciation to feel confident.


Age: 12

Very gentle, but needs to be treated with understanding and patience.


Age: 20

Previously traumatised but has now given herself heart and soul to the herd and to those she loves.


Age: 13

Hyper vigilant, ethereal , free loving but incredibly gentle and thoughtful to both people and the other herd members.


Age: 13


Salt of the earth, kind, solid and the mini’s matriarch.


Age: 8

Fabulous at grounding other herd members and people but also quite precocious and gregarious.


Age: 9

Loves fun, light free and joyful.


Age: 9


The epitome of sweetness and loving kindness. Has time for everyone


Age: 8

Quiet, thoughtful and quite serious.


Age: 15

Now retired but a deeply sensitive and stoic member of the team.

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