Horses Sentient Response to Humans

We educate and help people through the community of our naturally kept free ranging herd of horses and ponies. We educate but the horses do the teaching, as the herd clearly demonstrate their sentience within the group and in their responses to humans.

Animals feel emotion in exactly the same way we do….they have a soul. They feel love, fear, inadequacy, failure, joy, pleasure, sadness…….all of that and more, exactly as we do. It is a fact that their emotional or mammalian brains are as developed and evolved as ours.

At Hopethruhorses we want to educate and demonstrate to the public the extent to which animals feel. Through the herd, real life examples and case studies we aim to draw attention to how and why animals deserve the same empathy, understanding and respect that we give each other as humans. Our sentient herd plays a vital role…mingling with these kind and gentle creatures clearly demonstrates and enlightens all those who meet them of this essential and life affirming fact.

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