Is fear at the root of all mental health disorder?

Is there a single mental health dis-order that does not have fear at it’s root? And if you could let go of that fear and move beyond it, would the psychological and emotional symptoms begin to heal…like removing a tumour or an appendix relieves the pain they were causing in the body.

Horses maintain their mental health….heal themselves and each other in exactly that way. They release fear at source through a series of body movements….yawning, stretching out their limbs, shivering and exaggerated movement, all with the purpose of relieving the body and mind of tension and stress hormones. They return to state of relaxation and balance.

If we learnt to notice and observe the moment by moment responses to fear that take place in the mind and body could we too, learn to maintain our mental health before it builds up to the point of mental illness or dis-order?

Notice for example when you hold your breath or it becomes shallow and tight in your chest. Observe the areas of the body that feel tight or constricted….ideally in a stress and fear free body and mind there is only a sense of lightness and free soft breathing. Let out your breath but instead of sending it outwards watch it travel down your spine, legs and into the ground below your feet. Your whole body will relax like a horse, re-balancing, re-regulating and relaxing.



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