Is our stress damaging our animals?

We spend so much time with our beloved animals…we’d love to be with them all the time but especially when we’re in need of love, comfort, support or something to help us manage our daily worry and stress. But what do our poor animals do with the heavy duty emotion we successfully but unintentionally offload onto their infinitely broad shoulders and into their kind, loving hearts? We feel so much better for their company but how are they feeling? Animals give pleasure…they love unconditionally and they’re always be the same. Their role in the world of humans is to be loving, fun and a solid constant rock in our tumultuous lives….people let us down, not animals…..they’re incredible and make the very best of friends.

The natural herd highlights the need animals have to rebalance. Stress, anger, irritation, frustration….negative energies, they’re all absorbed….the hearts of animals are innately and naturally wide open, they give freely and joyously but without the freedom to replenish and let go, what happens to that energy? It goes inwards and becomes theirs, clogging their openness…leaving them depleted.

In the natural herd the horses have the freedom and opportunity to replenish and refresh. They can run, take time out, release, love and enjoy the purity of the other herd members, nature and earth around them. They seek out the company of whole, grounded horses to help re-regulate and rebalance. The negative can be replaced with positive and the body freed of its stress, tension and built up emotion.

Do all animals have that opportunity and for their mental wellbeing shouldn’t we give them that chance? How can we do that? First, let’s be aware to the effect we have on them, they’re sponges like children, all our moods impact them, negatively and positively, if we remember that we can take our stress elsewhere and come back when we feel freer and spend quality, positive time with our beloved animals

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