Sentient Horses within the Herd

Natural Herd Model

The Herd is a community, looking out for each other with love and is through this and the horses’ innate ability to filter out fear that our Natural Horse Model works. All mental health dis-orders respond to this ‘nature’s way’ of recovering.

Relationships are key to both horses and people. It is through relationships that we learn to have an understanding of self and others. At birth our first relationship with Mother…held warm, protected, nourished and nurtured is vital, it creates the foundations for regulation of the nervous system and a sense of safety. All future interactions and relationships with others, both healthy and unhealthy, stem from those first informative moments of life.

It has been proven through studies of indigenous tribes that humans and animals flourish and find a sense of self when born into a safe and nurturing community….supported and safe within the group they form robust and enduring relationships. Mental health disorder is almost unheard of in such healthy environments.

The Hopethruhorses Herd is that healthy and balanced community. Here everyone can find their fulfilled and purposeful place in society, through experiencing a relationship with the herd and its individual members.

From our experience for this to work in practice, the herd needs to run free and live a natural existence…..they need to be ‘horses’ with all the true responses of a horse. Healthy relationships are formed spontaneously in this nurturing and safe environment unhindered by fears of reprisal, exclusion or failure. They are a loving, compassionate, community, living for the greater good of themselves and others with love and compassion…including humans.

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