HopeThruHorses Relief and Accessible to all projects...

Hopethruhorses is an Equine Informed Therapeutic centre charitable Organisation


Would you be interested in and show your support for our proposed project? We do not expect anyone to follow through with their support and you will not be contacted personally by us or anyone else. Should you wish to find out more then please do get in contact.


Project 1 HopeThruHorses accessible to all Transport 

We would like to offer a home pick up service to make our project open to everyone in need of our help. We plan to make the relief project available to those  living across Carmarthenshire unable to get to our project location or unable to afford alternative travel. In the future we intend to extend this service to other organisations and individuals in need so anyone can access transport for important health appointments. This service will ultimately be available to those coming to us from abroad who need collection from airports and train stations.


Project 2 HopeThruHorses Relief

Based in Brechfa our project is to set up funded programs for particular individuals or groups.  Our aim is to help as many people as possible who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, PTSD and Eating disorders. We want to make this accessible, affordable and available to everyone whatever their physical, emotional or financial status. 


If either of these projects are of interest to you ( or anyone you know ), either now or in the future would you sign below and offer your support so we can get this project up and running. We really appreciate your help. email jo@hopethruhorses.com