Residential Programme

Set in the heart of the spectacular Brechfa countryside HopeThruHorses works in the company of their naturally kept horses helping people with needs relating to mental health. Offering day and residential holistic programmes aimed at those struggling with the mind, body and energetic impact of Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and other related disorders.

HopeThruHorses is proud to work closely with ‘The Hill House Retreat’ A Spacious apartment within a Victorian country house, offering simple, comfortable and inviting self catering accommodation overlooking the stunning Carmarthen bay across the Gower AONB. 


All HopeThruHorses treatment programmes are flexible and tailored to your unique and individual needs. This is simply an example of how our programmes can look.


Arriving in the coastal village of Llansteffan you will be met by the imposing Hill House country retreat. Make yourself at home in your own apartment with its private entrance offering flexible self catering accommodation. (For larger groups please contact) Immerse yourself in its history and gaze out over the rooftops and across the Carmarthen Bay with its deep blue estuary and golden sandy beaches. The house is Set high above the village below allowing for a peaceful and relaxing night's sleep.


Wake up the next morning and prepare yourself breakfast with supplies purchased  from the local shop, or enjoy a full cooked breakfast at the cafe. After breakfast on the first morning your therapist Jo will meet you at the house giving you the opportunity to ease concerns, apprehensions and anxieties together over an informal cup of coffee. This initial introduction enhances your experience leaving you feeling relaxed, ready and looking forward to your time at the horses.

Hill House, garden apartment with George

Day 1

After an introductory coffee you will be guided to our facility in Brechfa and directed individually or as a group to the field location of the herd. Here in the company of the horses your first session will begin.   

To help you relax and feel at ease, we spend time with each of the horses and ponies, hearing their story and getting a feel and understanding of their individual qualities, personalities and way of being. You will be encouraged mindfully to notice and become curious about how both your mind and body respond and react to the different energies and temperaments within the group. Each horse or pony will reflect a part of you, both positively and negatively, armed with this knowledge and awareness you can begin to form a clear and deeper picture of the work you want to do on yourself as the day’s progress.

Included is a lunch at the local pub where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss what you have learned and how you feel. The afternoon is yours to reflect on the morning. Take a stroll along the beach, or enjoy a good book while listening to our unique meditation guidance recordings. We have local contacts for yoga sessions should this be of interest to you.


Day 2

Make your way to the horses, following the directions and instructions given the day before. The session will begin with an exercise in becoming fully grounded followed by some insights into how to body scan from our perspective and that of the horses. Working with a renewed sense of awareness, input from the horses and a greater understanding of your own mind, body and energy allows healing to take place at the deepest level.


On you second day you can enjoy a freshly prepared home cooked hamper lunch outside in the tranquil and unique setting and company of the horses.  Here more questions can be answered and further processing can take place together over good food, fresh air and peaceful surroundings.


The afternoon is yours. You can linger with the horses, go for a walk through Brechfa Forest or simply sit by the river and revel in its solitude.


Day 3 

Arrive at the horses and begin your day with a quiet grounding, body awareness scan before sharing how you are and what you would like to go away with at the end of this last session. The horses will have positively impacted and helped you in so many ways, at this session it is time to complete the healing work and take it out with you into your everyday life.