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SKYPE using

The Natural Herd Model

Skype Sessions

Helping you release the fear that lies beneath the symptoms of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma  and all related psychological disorder.

A uniquely healing combination taken from 30 years of experience in mental health recovery, which includes the natural herd model, a sensorimotor informed therapeutic approach, counselling, hypnotherapy, energy release, mindfulness and inner landscape work. 

Together we hone each session to your very individual needs…between us we can work on exactly what it is, that will benefit you the most, now and beyond into your daily life.


Recovery Coaching

Perhaps you are already on the road to recovery, or need someone to guide you on a path you have already chosen for yourself. We can coach and mentor you to whatever you want to achieve or to whoever it is you want to become. It’s a lonely path to walk alone.

If a spiritual approach is better suited to you, we can work that way too.