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Living with high levels of stress is like being in a permanent state of extreme anxiety. Your mind does not rest and every situation seems to make you feel unreasonably tense and irritable.  You worry excessively and the smallest task seems insurmountable; and you feel trapped by overwhelming thoughts and the burden of outside pressures.


The quiet company of horses and the peace of the Brechfa Forest countryside is the perfect environment in which to unwind and relax and allow both your mind and body to relinquish the tension and hyperactivity that results from a stress filled existence.


Free from any judgement, demands, or preconceptions you will begin to let go and with the horses there to help you, uncoil the knot of emotional and physical tension that has become so intolerable.  Anxiety, over thinking, anger and apprehension and the strain of living with those feelings will be replaced by feelings of clarity; inner calm, quiet confidence, inspiration and a positive and optimistic view of the present and the future. 


Sometimes you can feel so trapped by the pressures, lack of options and overpowering thoughts and emotions enveloping you that there seems to be no hope of escape. With the gentle support and the love that surrounds the horses we simply help you to let go, relax and regain control.