'Thank you so so much for the session with Marcie yesterday. She absolutely loved it and has been telling everyone she meets all about it!' ~ June 2018

'Her Dad commented that she seemed incredibly happy when she got home, and remained that way for the rest of the day. She said on the way home that she loved the way that you spoke to her and thought you were very kind to her and to the horses. I think it was a lovely experience for Marcie - one that she will remember for a long time. When I asked her if she loved riding or being on the ground with horses most she replied that as long as she is with a horse she feels happy. 

She actually wants to write you an email herself but she is in bed right now - we will perhaps be in touch again tomorrow so she can write what she would like to say.

Testimonial from 6 year old' ~ June 2018

'Jo - just to let you know that Mimi has been a complete delight since getting back from you today. She has said things to me that she has never said before. I am gobsmacked and have been praising her profusely. She has also been talking a lot about you and the horses. Big big thanks. Really...a very big thank you. Please can we get her booked in again soon? Perhaps next weekend if diaries work?x

Testimonial from 13 year old' ~June 2018

'Hi Jo,
What an amazing time I had with you and your delightful horses - Thank you all!' June 2018

'Hi Jo Thank you so much for today, it was a revelation. I am now absolutely exhausted and just want to sleep - presumably stirring emotions and moving energy are responsible? I also noticed how calm I felt during the drive home, where usually I’d be getting irate at idiot drivers... I didn’t even mind the traffic jams! I did notice that I was holding my breath now and again without realising, or breath really shallowly, so I’ll make a big effort to release my shoulders and breathe.' June 2018

'Hi, I feel so much improved, thank you so much for today' June 2018

'Thank you so much for Saturday Jo, it was really beneficial. You're as key to the experience as the horses so thank you for being so kind, supportive and gentle. Am really pleased to be able to text you as just not been able to do much at all the last month' June 2018

‘Thanks so much for this morning. It was a totally wonderful experience, not just all your wisdom and support but the privilege of feeling the energy of so many of the herd in one morning. It was lovely sitting on the grass connecting with the little ones, especially feeling the love coming from little Belle. That has stayed with me all day.’ 


‘Firstly I just wanted to say thank you for the session on Saturday honestly it was life changing I loved it so much. The horse I worked with had the most beautiful, sweet, kind, generous energy as did you’


‘Thanks again for a wonderful session. I feel in a very different place this evening thanks to you and your beautiful horses. As I reflect on the session I feel deeply touched and nurtured by their different energies which just seems to stay with me.'


‘Thank you again for a wonderful session. I feel that today I really understood how profound and powerful working with the horses is’


‘i really felt my heart opened today, first with little Breeze and then with Julius. But I think it was the connection with Julius that really did it, I actually felt my legs shaking. I guess it’s not really to be analysed too much but I think what I really experienced was the unconditional love he just seems to embody with such gentleness and wisdom and it blew me away’


‘I had an incredible experience at Hopethruhorses. Jo is lovely and her horses are magical. This for me was about heart healing and working with the horses on an emotional and energetic level for personal transformation, to overcome the fears and griefs that entrap me. I found myself deeply held by the horse I worked with and the feeling of peace and release I got has lasted me for weeks beyond the session. Think the healing potential of swimming with dolphins, only in a luscious field in the Oxfordshire English countryside meditating and connecting with equine energy’


‘I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday. R commented that she was not expecting such a positive and profound experience, she is very keen to continue seeing you (and your family of horses). I have agreed to explore some funding options that will enable this, so will hopefully get back to you soon with some good news!’


‘Jo at hopethruhorses has helped me more than any other therapy or treatment I've had in the past. I have always felt fully supported and everything has been at my own pace and suited to me. I am so grateful to have found something that is helping me after many years of struggling’


 ‘Thank you Jo and your magnificent herd of horses. I suffer with bi polar disorder and after nearly a decade of various types of therapy, 4 admissions to psychiatric wards and countless appointments at mental health centres there has been a complete absence of hope, not to mention any useful coping mechanisms.’

‘There is no word other than magic that can describe Hope through Horses. There is something very special, powerful and utterly unique in what Jo is doing. When you step onto that field in Garsington I find it spellbinding and other worldly, it's almost like time stops for an hour and I get a real sense of freedom which is very liberating given that I usually feel very stuck and trapped.’

‘Jo is unlike any other therapist or specialist that I've ever met. She is completely engaged and unphased by anything you might say (!) and treats you just like anyone else- with no judgement, assumptions or agenda. She works holistically and has a whole host of approaches at her fingertips and just works in a very refreshing way in an unbelievably nourishing and therapeutic environment,’

‘For the first time in a very long like i feel a sense of calm and i am beginning to feel grounded and stable-something which i didnt think i'd ever feel again. I've actually begun to remember who i am, having been totally lost when I first started seeing Jo only 4 months ago. I am so grateful to Jo and her horses who have taught me so much in such a short space of time. I dread to think where I would be had my mum not stumbled across the website in yet another crisis point last summer.


‘I can never look at a horse, or myself in the same way again.’

‘I went to see Jo when I was in my lowest state I’d ever been in. Full of anxiety, sad, depressed and afraid of the world. I thought I’d never feel right again. By the end of my first session I had my first feeling of freedom. No knots in my tummy. Calm. Like I could see that there was a way through the darkness. Jo and her amazing horses helped me to gain strength, unstick myself and move forward. I am in no doubt that this therapy changed me forever.’

‘Hope through Horses gives me a space to breath. I have discovered that horses (or Jo's horses) have a very still and calm presence creating a unique space to be able to feel that connection with inner peace which I thought was lost forever.’

‘For anyone who is nervous around horses you shouldn't let this put you off. These horses are very special and kind (for want of a better word!) and it really feels like they totally understand what's going on and are there to help.’

‘Jo and her horses were an amazing help just when I needed it. With Jo's skill and her horses lovely temperaments it's been a pleasure to work with her. It's a great thing when you can approach someone looking for help and receive such a skilful response all with the most willing and committed efforts one could ask. I would highly recommend.’


Jo’s approach to therapy is utterly unique…she's the only therapist (and there have been many!) that I felt truly knew me as a person and not as an illness. Learning to breathe was key for me, and being kinder to myself I suppose.

I have hope, feel less dangerously suicidal and have come to terms with my friends tragic death after bottling it for 20yrs. ~ January 2020

Hope thru horses had massively helped me to grow in confidence and see a small chink of light in the darkness. 

I feel more confident and grounded within myself. I felt extremely safe, which was a new feeling for me. I see Jo and the horses as often as possible because they understand me and make me feel safer ~ January 2020


Jo knew my problems after a consultation and it was amazing as every horse that then came up to me was just the right one to heal each different area. Which also confirmed what Jo already knew. It’s a profoundly life changing experience. I have opened my heart to receiving love as well as giving. An area where many of us are stuck . I know what it feels like to receive unconditional love as one of the horses gave me that feeling. I felt stronger as a person and understand my emotions more. January 2020


Healing through animals and getting back in touch with the body is where I found the doorway to true healing and a real shift rather than just talking about it. Also the depth of understanding, wisdom and compassion of Jo and of the horses themselves. December 2019


I feel more able to deal with challenges that come up in life and to understand what is happening in my nervous system therefore giving me back the ability to help myself. The symptoms I originally had have also lessened and in some parts disappeared completely allowing me to live a more fulfilled life. December 2019


I have had such lasting results that were life changing working with the therapist and the horses. December 2019


Jo knows the horses so well and is nothing but kind, I felt confident that I was safe in the herd emotionally and physically. I feel more aware of my feelings, my body and I feel more peaceful - I don’t even have to be in the field with the horses I only have to think about my time with them to benefit each day. The horses taught me that I am acceptable as I am, and it was a powerful learning experience that I remember all the time in my everyday life. November 2019

It is impossible to find words that do justice to the amazing experience I had with Jo and her incredible herd of horses. 

Jo was so kind, empathetic and gently perceptive; interacting in such a compassionate way with me and the horses.

The feeling of being accepted by and into the herd is beyond anything I have experienced before.  The horses have such beautiful, wise, honest energy, and their willingness and generosity to share this with me to help me heal has, quite frankly, blown my mind.  The way different horses chose to join me and work with me, sometimes on their own and sometimes in groups, to support each other as well as me, was just so moving.

Their huge amount of heartfelt, calm and grounded energy allowed me to release and start healing at such a deep level that I know it has had a genuinely profound effect on me.  I very much look forward to returning.

I thank Jo and every one the horses from the bottom of my heart...which is a lot fuller than when I arrived with them! September 2019

The experience I had with both Jo and her herd of horses is probably one of the most profound so far in all my 53 years.

From the moment I met with Jo in a lane in the middle of the Brecon Beacons, I felt so totally safe and heard and in fact, loved.

We had a consultation first then went to the field to be with the horses. What is important here to point out is that the horses have quite a large area to roam around in and are free to do what they want. But within minutes of entering the field most of them came over to meet us.

As I discovered throughout that day, each horse came at the right time, to give me the right amount of healing to peel away the layers for even more healing to occur. When one horse had finished , he simply moved away and the next horse, right for me at that moment in time, came near to give me what I needed.

At one point I had 3 horses surrounding me, all so calm and at peace, just giving of themselves to me, without being asked or coerced. They had total freewill whether or not to help – but they all chose to help.

I was very emotional as I felt such a deep, deep connection with each horse that came to me. Jo asked me various questions when I was with each horse and my answers confirmed that I truly had connected on a deep level with each horse.

These horses want to heal, they want to share, they want to show love and it is just the most beautiful, loving, healing  experience. My words can never do it justice – it truly has to be experienced.

They just know what it is each of us needs and they provide it, selflessly and with love.

I came away , knowing that my heart had opened and that there was going to be a huge shift within myself.

It is now a month on and I know without a doubt that I have more love to give but more importantly for me, I know that I am worthy , so worthy, of receiving amazing love.

Jo has continued to check in on me and I know that both the horses and Jo will always have a special place in my heart.

Thank you so much, all of you xx September 2019

Jo, thank you so so much for all over the last 48 hours.  ‘A’ cried again when you left, saying he was going to miss you.. You’ve worked your magic and hopefully ‘A’ can start to properly see his value to all.  HUGE HUGE thanks again.  I look forward to staying in touch and would love you to see ‘A’ again at some point please. - June 2019

Hi Jo Thank you so much for a really special weekend, I do feel like a lot was released! I can’t wait to come back. X ~ June 2019

Thank you very much for your time compassion and help. The horses are wonderful I will detail what happened when you left a little later today when I have more time. ~ April 2019


Completely loved this day with Hopethruhorses 4 years ago today - such peace and tranquility with this wonderful herd. ~ April 2019

‘I had an amazing experience at Hopethruhorses. Jo is incredible and her horses are magical. This for me was about heart healing and working with the horses on an emotional and energetic level to overcome the fears and griefs that entrap me, for personal transformation and healing. I found myself deeply held by the horse I worked with and the feeling of peace and release I got has lasted me for weeks beyond the session. Think the healing potential of swimming with dolphins, only in a luscious field in the stunning Welsh countryside meditating and connecting with equine energy’ ~ March 2019

This herd of horses remarkably help us all get to the heart of our individual struggles in a way which doesnt feel intrusive or threatening. They show how to stand calm and strong in the face of fear, and remind us to be quiet and undemanding when we need to. They teach that the way we ask for things affects how and whether they are given. Their relationships with each other offer another window (and in addition they are beautiful and gorgeous smelling!). Wonderful ! ~ January 2019

"I have had therapy in the past (CBT and transactional analysis), and it helped me to talk about and understand how my childhood was still affecting my life as an adult. But, it didnt help me to 'feel' better.

The sessions I've had with Jo have really helped me to feel all my emotions and sensations. She has helped me to replace horrible, cold, unloved feelings inside me with warmth, self acceptance, openness, calmness and now, for perhaps the first time in my life, moments of real joy and appreciation of life.

Jo has been incredible - warm, kind, empathetic, supportive and deeply insightful. Thank you so much"

~ January 2019

''These horses have helped me SO much with just one session! ♥''~ January 2019