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Vulnerable Young people and Children


With the support and guidance of equine involvement therapy founder and practitioner Jo Corfield and the company of her experienced horses, Hopethruhorses teaches special educational needs, disadvantaged and damaged children and young people how to value and love the present and look forward to a rewarding and positive future. 

Our unique approach, allows children and young people to learn through sensory experience, communicating and connecting with horses, understanding and observing them living as a herd in a natural environment. The horses can be of particular help with young people who have trouble expressing themselves verbally, and offer a totally conflict free means of communication and self-expression.


We provide a loving environment which encourages the children to feel safe, happy and free of restrictions. They are given limitless choices and can progress at their own pace without pressure or demands. The horses have endless patience and gentleness and give their time with love and what appears to be a unique level of understanding: they prove themselves to be the most extraordinary teachers.

The bond between horse and participant facilitates a relaxed, emotional shift that promotes: empathy, self-awareness, confidence, communication and learning. The young people form a silent and powerful bond with these accepting, gentle, non-judgmental creatures. This is particularly significant for autistic children as they can find communicating and relating to others particularly difficult to achieve.