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For many of you reading this now, it can feel as though your mind is controlled by spiralling thoughts which dictate your behaviour, create overwhelming emotions and dominate every aspect of your life. Extreme anxiety, depression and obsessive thinking can take over, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and utterly powerless. 

Our aim at Hopethruhorses is to help release the fear that lies behind those symptoms. Whatever it is that’s making your life unmanageable, grief, shame, anger or abandonment; fear will be at the root.


At Hopethruhorses we help a wide range of people of all ages and from all walks of life. Each of them are dealing with their own personal set of symptoms. Many come hoping to recover from the devastation and fearfulness of trauma and anxiety or the hopelessness of depression. While others are battling with the self-hatred and non-existent self-esteem that results in an eating disorder. 

We also do all we can to help improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people, many of whom have complex emotional, behavioural and social difficulties. 


The horses too are no exception. Previously unwanted horses and ponies find a home and a purpose in the herd. In return for peace, love and the freedom to become horses again, these magical creatures give themselves to troubled people, both adults and children, and are instrumental to their healing. Not only do you come to HOPETHRUHORSES to aid your own recovery but also to give purpose to our naturally kept herd of horses.

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